Mythbusters Edition

I have had multiple people request a post on the truths and tales regarding nutrition, so I want to address this topic with professionalism and honesty 🙂 I will start with this–there are ALOT OF MYTHS about health, wellness, fitness and nutrition in the media and elsewhere. It can be difficult to decipher what is a spoof and what could potentially be a big help to your health.

Don’t believe everything you hear, read, see: Always be a critic and a skeptic when it comes to learning about nutrition. Here’s how you can be sure–> Read accredited articles, journals that are backed up by REAL science and scientific studies. Anyone can conduct scientific research on sites like . Search and search until you find your answer, and then search some more to compare articles and studies to each other to come to your own educated decision on the topic of interest.

Quick Info–>

  • Supplementations for your diet should be a second choice to REAL FOOD. Your body is meant to digest whole foods and receive vitamins, minerals and nutrients from that source. When you choose to supplement you are not able to absorb those nutrients as well because it is a much lesser concentration than what is provided in an actual food source. SO…unless you are vegetarian or vegan or skipping out on a specific food source entirely, try to get your macronutrients and micronutrients from organic (if possible) and whole food sources. If you have questions about eating a specific diet please comment below or feel free to email me at
  • Superfoods/Supplements: We’ve all heard of the exotic goji berry, noni berry, cod liver oil, aloe vera juice, whey, creatine, etc supplements that the advertising industry has thrown our way lately. My personal opinion on superfoods is based on what I learned in school, especially in my functional foods course last semester. These foods can be helpful to you health and dietary intake! So if you’re into it–go for it (in the appropriate and recommended amounts).
    • BUT–> You shouldn’t treat supplements or superfoods as an end all be all to any nutrition-related issue because in order to “prevent cancer”, “prevent cardiovascular disease”, or “promote cell turnover”, whatever their big health claim may be—in reality these food items would have to be ingested in very large amounts/concentrations that aren’t feasible for us to accomplish. This goes for vitamins and minerals as well as superfoods. Unless you have a medically defined and diagnosed excess or deficiency in your diet–the goal is to get these vital nutrients through real food and not supplements.

Personally–I love having a protein shake after a workout or as a meal replacement. I also have a greens supplement to add to your smoothies or drink as a meal replacement called Living Fuel–check out the products here I take probiotics every day to balance my intestinal flora, and regularly drink kombucha tea and enjoy other probiotic filled and fermented foods like kimchi and greek yogurt (post on probiotics coming soon!!). I also take a daily B complex vitamin and iron supplement because I am a pescatarian and do not always have these daily recommended intakes met just through my food intake—because a lot of these come only from animal sources like meat.

These are things I have found that are right for me!! Please take into mind that everyone is different and has different nutritional needs–even on a daily basis these needs can change. Try what works for you and go from there! & remember–do your own research (not on google)! 🙂

Please comment your thoughts and/or questions below and feel free to share with friends and family!

Much love angels,



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