Meatless Monday–What it could mean for you & your family

Meatless Monday

  • Start your week fresh with a meatless meal for dinner for you and your family!
  • Set the week off right with a fresh, clean eating meal
  • Motivate yourself and your family to live a healthy lifestyle
  • Cutting down on excessive meat intake will reduce risks of cancer, diabetes, and nutrition-related diseases
  • Help the environment—leave a smaller carbon footprint because more water usage goes towards livestock than grains and plants
  • Add more variety to your diet as a whole (1/2 of your plate at every meal should be comprised of fruits and veggies)
  • Eat a more balanced diet
  • Try new things with your family!
  • Refer to the Mediterranean food pyramid for a great starting point for fueling your day with a plant-based diet


This weekend for my internship with Texas Farmer’s Market, I prepared my favorite quinoa salad with basil vinaigrette! My goal was to educate on the importance of including fresh and organic fruits and veggies in your everyday intake. As stated above, produce can aid your body in fighting disease unlike any other food group! Use food to fuel your body, not to just fill you up–and see how your energy level changes, and how your overall weight and health improve! The mediterranean food pyramid is a great resource if you are wanting to learn more about eating a diet that is more plant-based instead of centering each meal on a meat dish. Try something new & something light like this quinoa salad to kick start your produce-focused eating plan!

Quinoa Salad with Basil Vinaigrette 

First things first–>find this basil vinaigrette recipe at my favorite food blog ! She has some amazing recipes y’all so go check out her site! Thank you Gaby for getting me hooked on basil vinaigrette!

  •  Add your ingredients from Gaby’s recipe to your blender or food processor and hit the go button!!
  • For the quinoa salad, you will need equal parts–>
  • cooked and cooled organic quinoa
  • chopped red onion
  • diced organic cucumber
  • diced organic bell peppers (red, yellow, orange, green) Eat the rainbow 🙂
  • cooked organic garbanzo beans (I just rinse them from a can, and throw in a pot on medium heat for about 10 minutes!)
  • organic feta cheese ❤ ❤
  • throw all your veggies into a bowl
  • add the basil vinaigrette to taste (in my opinion you can never have too much basil!)
  • top with feta, toss salad again to incorporate





Thanks for viewing!
Comment below if you have any questions and feel free to share my blog with your friends and families!

Much love angels,



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